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Ramen is a globally renowned Japanese dish, known for its warm and comforting nature. With its increasing popularity, ramen has evolved and become one of the many go-to meals for locals. At Hitoyoshi Ramen & Grill, we offer traditional-style ramen and authentic skewers grilled on a traditional binchotan.

Savour the taste of Japan today at Hitoyoshi Ramen & Grill, located at Mapletree Business City!


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Our menu features wide variety of dishes using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

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Address: 40, Pasir Panjang Road
Maplertree Business City
Singapore 117383
Contact: 62563362
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri - 11.30am-10pm
Sat-Sun - Closed

No reservation, walk in only.

History of Ramen

Ramen, a beloved Japanese dish, was inspired by a Chinese noodle dish called "chuka-soba". The dish gained popularity in Japan when the ports were opened, and a Chinatown was created in Yokohama. A restaurant owner invited 12 Chinese chefs from Yokohama Chinatown to help him open the first ramen shop in Tokyo.

Ramen is unique and different from other noodles as they are made with alkalised water called ‘Kansui’, which makes the noodles softer. Ramen quickly became popular in Japan and each region brought its own unique spin to the dish. The affordable dish soon evolved over time with new generations of chefs introducing new flavours, such as miso, shoyu and seafood, making the dish even more diverse and delicious.


Grilled Food

The Japanese have been mastering the technique of grilling their food over an open fire for many years. Binchotan, also known as white charcoal, is a type of charcoal used in traditional Japanese grilling. This method of grilling utilises slow-burning oak wood to cook the meat, releasing little to no smoke and odour. This gives the meat and vegetables a wonderful sear, preserving the pure flavours of the ingredients. There are several popular grilled dishes from Japan such as teppanyaki, yakiniku, yakitori and more!

At Hitoyoshi Ramen & Grill, we cook our yakitori and dishes on a binchotan grill to give you delectable grilled flavours that are authentic and pure. Join us at Hitoyoshi Ramen & Grill for an unforgettable dining experience featuring the best Japanese grilled skewers. Visit us at our Mapletree outlet today!

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