Our Story

Founded in 2017, Hitoyoshi Group began with a humble Japanese Ramen restaurant in Singapore. With this success, both founders, Ray and Tan, opens up an extensive range of Japanese cuisines restaurants over the years. Both partners have worked in various top-notch Japanese restaurants and one of them has made a pilgrimage to live in Japan for years.

Hitoyoshi Group is the brand owner of Ramen Hitoyoshi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Sushi, Hitoyoshi Yoshi Yakiniku & Mart, and Bones ‘n Slaw.

The group mission is to fulfil its commitment as the leading Japanese cuisines of the highest quality, bringing joy to every customers. On October 2022, Hitoyoshi Group opened its new concept restaurant, Hitoyoshi Izakaya, at Singapore Iconic destination, Jewel Changi Airport.

The group is headquartered in Singapore, with business operations locally and in Malaysia, and is continuously looking for expansion to bring Hitoyoshi specialties to everyone.

Our Vision

To become one of the top Japanese food chain world wide

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality Japanese cuisine and exceptional care for our customers and staff.


We ensure the quality of food served by using fresh top grade ingredients in a clean environment.

Dine With Us

Come dine with us and pamper yourself with our wide variety of Japanese delicacy.

What Our Customers Say

This is a super nice and romantic place for dating or gathering with your besties at Jewel.
The food and drinks are above the standard. Few dishes that you MUST order when u are there. Yasai Tempura, I definitely will go back to order the same dish!! This one CONFIRM will surprise you!!!! No matter you are vegan or not, U MUST TRY!!
If you are a Avacado lovers, you should try their Avocado Tempura. Quite special.
Yaki corn ribs (grilled corn with yuzu miso sauce), I am so satisfied with this corn dish.
Taste is so good with no doubt and I’m so glad the dish is so pretty for photo!

Above dishes are all suitable for vegan and vegetarian. Their menu still have some more BBQ option which is suitable for a vegan or vegetarian.

My friends also commended the Sashimi are in great quality, it’s also a must to order.
Gobo karraage are also another MUST dish.
Hahahahaha their food are all highly recommended.

It’s a quality place and food to have your quality time. And it’s a Instagramable place to take picture.

We were served by Zack and he’s so patient to recommend the food and drinks to us.

Definitely worth for the price

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Lee Ka Yin

Lovely Ramen place.

Good service , staff were friendly and candidly recommended normal soup base instead of strong which might be too salty for local taste.
Broth was excellent ! Much better than most Ramen shops around. Rich, umami and flavorful.
Servings were generous and more than sufficient for a hearty meal.
The complementary beansprouts and corn were great too !
Had spicy Ramen , nice kick .
Garlic oil Ramen - prefer this over the normal broth and it covers the porky flavor of the normal broth for people who are sensitive .

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Justin Tay

Hidden in the lesser-explored wing of Clarke Quay Central’s ground floor will you find this Japanese Restaurant. The staff are very friendly and efficient. Ambience is pretty decent as this wing of the mall is generally quieter.

Their menu encompasses so many aspects of Japanese cuisine, with Sushi, Gunkans, Inari, Handrolls, Sashimi, Fried stuffs, Chirashi dons, Aburi dons, Ramen and some desserts!

On the starter menu, you will find “Pitan Tofu”. This is something that is unique to this restaurant and I’ve yet to see in other restaurants’ menu. While it is listed under Tofu, it is by no means a tofu, as the block is actually tamago with crabstick and then covered with creamy sauce made using century eggs and topped off with Tobiko.

As for the Aburi Wagyu Sushi with Foie Gras, I was a tad disappointed with the size of the Foie Gras (As you can see from the photo, it was really tiny!). However, it did do it’s job to act like a butter seasoning for the beef.

The fillings for the Inaris are very generous and I really liked the way they seasoned their Chuka Idako as it is the dry-er style (Not like those swimming in the red sauce).

Both the Spicy Tuna and Ebi fry cheese rolls were really flavourful which I enjoyed.

Overall, the star of the meal was definitely the Pitan Tofu! I even took away another portion of it for my mum to taste and she too agreed that it was really good!

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Ernest Tan

Love the thick and rich ramen soup base! Service crew were really polite and welcoming as well. A nice and cosy place to come to eat or chill over drinks and seafood grill.

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Joanne Lim

I like their service, attitude is all prompt and good. Do reserve as they are usually fully reserve over weekend. The beef quality is good and food portion is reasonable. Love the ambience and will recommend my friends to go back there again

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Rarchelle SY